Monday, November 14, 2011

Trapit: Sets a trap to grab the best articles you're interested in and delivers them to you

Trapit is the fresh startup that seeks to ensure that stuff that you are interested i delivered to you online at the time you need it. Trapit is not a search engine in the sense it does not search for everything, it is fine-tuned to search the web for articles and topics that interest you. So when you login you get the best of the web tailored made for you. There are many advantages that this web app brings. If you are really interested in a certain subject or some world happening. You can use Trapit to bring the best content available to you. The search is pretty good and the pages and articles delivered are of high quality.

The founders of Trapit say that the web has a lot more to offer than just what search engines features and what social networks point to. A good example is that just because your friend likes something on Facebook does not mean that is the only or best thing available out there. maybe the links shared by your Twitter friends are not the best links on that particular subject. 

Trapit seeks to play a part here in bringing the best of what the internet has to offer on a particular subject you are interested in. 

How does Trapit work
You login with your Facebook, Twitter or Email account
Search for stuff you are interested in
If something catches your attention use the Trapit button to stop that articles.
A collection of Traps will teach Trapit what you are interested in and the app will start delivering those results to you each time you login.

There is also an activity feed and a reading list you can create

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