Thursday, November 10, 2011

Twitter: What does MT mean

If you are a Twitter user then you must have seen people using 'MT' before their tweets and it is not a rule you can use MT anywhere in your tweet. If you wondering what 'MT' means it simply stands for 'Modified Tweet'. Meaning the user is Retweeting a tweet and has added his or her own modification to the Tweet.

Why would someone modify a tweet

The main reason is because of cross-posting. When someone sees a good tweet and would like to share it with their own followers, it usually could do with some modifications depending on the people it is being tweeted to.

It is also a good thing because if you are using MT then you would also be acknowledging the original poster  with a link to the original post. Of course there are no hard and fast rules, but acknowledging it is a modified tweet is the first step to give credit where it is due.

Sometimes the original poster might share a link with a title that deserves better. This is one of the major times people use MT.

Maybe you are a content curator and would like to modify tweets and add your own dimension and flavor to it. 

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