Friday, December 23, 2011

Dropbox for Android, 2.0 is here [Ice Cream Sandwich]

Image: DropBox

The latest version of DropBox for Android is here and comes with some really cool features. The most notable of these features is the Bulk Upload. You no more need to upload files one at a time. You can now select multiple files for upload. Once uploaded all your files are can be accessed from all your devices. If you are not yet a DropBox user there is a lot you are missing. with DropBox you can upload a file and ensure that it is available on all your devices and on the web at the DropBox website. Star a file to ensure that it is available in offline mode. even if something happens to your Android phone and it is left behind somewhere. DropBox still has all your files and info.

DropBox essentially gives you a chance to store all your files in one single place and access it whenever and wherever you want. You can store all kinds of files with this service and the best part of the new Android App is that it has been optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich [ICS]. There are other features that are helpful like the ability to rename a file and single-tap access to actions.

Download DropBox 2.0 for Android here.

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