Friday, December 23, 2011

LogMeIn allows you remote access to your PC via your iPhone, iPad [Free for now]

LogMeIn the App available now on your SmartPhone or PC gives you the ability to remotely login and check out your computer. So with this App you can access, manage and support devices anytime, anywhere. Once the App is downloaded you can then control your MAC or Windows PC from wherever you are. The good thing about the App is that it is free and yes, there is an upgrade version which has a few advanced features  that you can get once you see that this app is useful for you.

How does LogMeIn work?
Once you download the App or the web app, you will then need to sign-up for an account and click on the verification email. Once you are in you get to see the App's home-screen where all connected computers are displayed. You can then gain access to any of the computers and control the mouse and keyboard and even use the logout options. You gain complete access and control of the system. The ability to stream videos however only comes with LogMeIn pro.

So with an cool app like this you can gain access to all your files using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and edit and make changes on the go. You can remotely access files on your computer and keep working even if you need to travel and are stuck in some place. Quiet a useful little app.

Download LogMeIn for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch here. [Available for free now]
Download for web version available here

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