Friday, December 9, 2011

Google+ Photos: How to turn on 'Find me Face"

Before we get started it with how to turn on this feature here is a brief description of what this new feature is all about. Fin my Face in Google+ is all about photo-sharing and quick tagging. If you turn on this feature people who are connected to you and have uploaded photos on Google+ can easily tag you with the prompt. This makes photo-tagging easier and this feature in an opt-in rather than an opt-out. So if you want you can turn it on and you can tag yourself as well as friends much more easily.

How does Find my Face work. 
Once you and your friends have this feature turned on, it begins to suggest tags of people when snaps are uploaded. This of course comes as an amazing shortcut for people who upload a lot of photos and with uploading photos there is also the problem of letting others know who is in the photo. With 'Find my Face' this become much easier and the app will suggest people in the photo with the face-recognition photo technology being used by Google.

How to turn on 'Find my Face'
Since this is an opt-in feature you will need to physically go to Google+ Photo settings to get it working. it has not rolled out to all users as of now will be in the near future. To stat 'Find my Face' you can go here and check under the photos tab. If it has rolled out to your account you will find it there and you can then turn it on. Go here to use Find my Face. (

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