Friday, December 9, 2011

Facebook Messages: What is the 'Other' folder

The Facebook folder know as 'Other' is located within your 'Messages' folder in Facebook. You may be wondering why is it so important. For starters if you have set up your Facebook mail id. All the email sent to you by people other than you confirmed friends on Facebook will land up here. So if in case an old friend of your just want's to send you a message before sending you a friend request this is where it will land. If you are unaware of this then there are a lot of messages that are not spam that might be waiting for you over there. 

When I checked my 'Other' folder I found a message from an old friend with the message 'Please Call' along with his phone number. So if I had not checked that folder I might not have seen that message. The Other folder is where Facebook directs all mail it considers unimportant. So people who send you message like 'Please like my page' etc can be found here. The folder has got it's good also as a lot of Facebook spam messages go into this folder and saves you a lot of headache. Messages on Facebook are your Facebook Inbox and will function like regular email. So you can send messages to people right from Facebook, people can also send you messages if they know your Facebook email ID. It is therefore good to check your 'Other' folder in Facebook messages.

How to find or access 'Other' mail folder on Facebook
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on messages
3. Other is found just under the 'Messages' link

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