Friday, December 9, 2011

Schemer from Google: Find activities, launch schemes and fill your day with fun

This is one fun launch from Google. Would you ever believe that Google would launch a site with a name like this. well the entire twist deals with people who would like to keep a track of stuff happening around them in their city and even show up. Maybe that is not you and you're the kind who likes to create schemes and have fun, inviting folks to join you for the plan.

Schemer: How does it work 
Currently Google Schemer is invite only but you can visit the site and click the link 'Add me to the waitlist'. The basic idea is very simple and has to do with you thinking up things to do and inviting people over. The other side of it would e to look for things to do and what's happening around you, show up and join the party.  

There are also other ways you can use Schemer. Use it to set goals for yourself and invite people to help you make sure you reach your goal. Whatever scheme you can think you will be supported by the app. You can also use the service to find great tips from experts who Google have signed up with. So once you join you can launch your scheme and join the other schemers to come up with plots. Have fun.

It is basically a Google+ app and you cannot join if you do not have a Google+ account. It is also currently not available outside the US. 

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