Thursday, December 8, 2011

So what's new with the new version of Twitter

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fly.twitter.com has a preview of the new Twitter and this is going to take some getting used to. For those of you who are too used to the old Twitter design this is going to be something new. The whole interface that you have gotten so used to, is all set to change. The new Twitter has been divided into 5 parts and each has it's own unique way of making Twitter faster and even more simpler.

This is your welcome screen and first thing you notice is that the right-hand menu has been shifted to the left. So you can now see stats, who to follow and worldwide trends on the left hand side of your screen. There is still the same Twitter timeline available but with a small difference. Clicking on a Tweet will enlarge the same and if there is video or a image embedded. It can be viewed right there. Everything in Home will be consistent across devices and the web. The same screen will be available on the iPhones and Android phones. The Home tab is available on the top left-hand corner of your screen.

This is the next tab on your home-screen and clicking on it will let you start our conversations with other users. So whenever you want to fond someone on Twitter using @username. You will need to do so in this section. You can also view your @mentions, retweets and Favorited Tweets here. This is also the place where you can find people who have added you to a list. 

Now this is the new Twitter with something that has never been seen before. With the Discover section of Twitter you can check out Hashtags, discover content based on your geo-location. Get served with stories that are of interest you. The best part is that the new discover will start bringing topics to you based on your interests and clicking habits on Twitter. Twitter calls this 'made for you'.

The 'Me' tab let's you show your profile to the world. People can learn more about you over here and also see which lists you are a part of and other information regarding your profile and participation on Twitter.

Speak Up
This is the new Tweet button which let's you share Tweets, photos, videos and more. 

You can now download the latest version of Twitter for Android here and iPhone here
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