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Google Currents: How does it work

Google Currents is an app available for your Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Once you download the app you can then start adding your favorite feeds to it and start reading all the content in the form of a magazine. The look and feel will be like a magazine and you can then flip through everything as you would a magazine. Many sources also discussing this as  Google's Flipboard competitor. 

A detailed look at how you can use Google Currents
As you might have guessed the name of the app symbolizes what can be done with it. You can add your favorite content from leading publications and blogs that you follow everyday to this App. You can then browse through content whenever you want. Either in online or offline mode. As the app constantly downloads stuff that you like and converts the entire thing into a magazine type format for easy flipping through. 

You can also follow trending stories
What this does it pulls the most happening current stories from the web and fills your screen with videos, images and articles to create a living edition. 

The App has two main section: Library and Trending. In the library section of the app you can add your feeds and content you have opted to follow. The app will also proactively download content so you can read it even while on off-line mode.
The Trending section of the app display hot news and stories from across the web. Which is further broken down into sections like tech, Business and world-news all listed under Top Stories.

How to add your Blog or Site to Google Currents
Google Currents offers the ability for owners of blogs and websites to ad their content to Google Current and thereby giving the users of the app the ability to subscribe, browse and read through your feeds. You will need to go here to publish your content to Google Current Once here you can then set up your site feed and add your YouTube Channel, after you give your edition a name you content will be published. It is fast and easy. 

Google Currents offers content from over 150 publishers offering full length articles adn you can find the complete list here. Adding all your favorite RSS feeds is easy and you can get all your content wherever you are. Currently available in the US only

Check out Google Currents now. Google Currents is now available for download in the Android Market and the Apple App Store. Source: Google Blog

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