Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to learn anything online for free [Help for students]

That's right the title of this post seems unreal with the only thing available for free online are search engines and social networking sites. Turns out this is a totally wrong assumption. As there are still sites online that give users stuff for free. So if there is anything you need to learn for free, don't worry help is at hand. You can learn algebra, math, physics and chemistry for free. All you need to do is to key in the desired exercise you would like to practice and get going for free.

Khan Academy is the place to go to for free online tuition and studeis. There are YouTube videos for every conceivable subject you might need to learn in School, college or university. All videos and exercises are free and you can login at any time to begin practicing. 

You can also Login with Facebook and Google the benefits of that is you will be able to share lessons after you've finished, you know how all your friends really need your help. So the next time you need free lessons in maths, science, arts or anything else head over to Khan Academy. The website that helps you with lessons for free. 

Khan Academy

View a sample lesson below and head over to the website to begin your lessons. 

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