Saturday, December 3, 2011

Android App: The Social Radio for Twitter to listen to your Tweets mixed with your favorite music

Here's another cool Android App available in the market that lets you do something  that can add to your safety. When we safety we mean you will be able to drive your car with your hands on the wheel, while the App will read out Tweets to you. This is a cool new App that will keep reading your Twitter Stream while being mixed with your favorite music from your playlist in the background. Once the App is turned on it keeps functioning in the background enabling you to keep working on your phone without any interference. 

Another good thing about the App is that the full version is now available for a limited time and so if you hurry up and get the App it comes to you totally free. The app can read your tweets, retweets, hashtags and can also read out emoticons. Once the app is installed you can then play your favorite song while the app fetches all your tweets and read them out one by one. You can also let the app know at what intervals it needs to fetch and read out tweets. 

Additional the app can read tweets from trending topics, your lists or topic of your choice. The app does not have it's own music play but will use the stock player available on your phone. 

The Social Radio for Twitter

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