Saturday, December 3, 2011

Twitter: Why do strangers follow me?

Was doing a little bit of research to determine some basic questions that people have about Twitter. If you are not a Twitter newbie then you already know the answer to this question. If however you are just getting started of and would like to know the answer to this question. This post is for you. 

Why do strangers follow me on Twitter?
Twitter when it was first created and launched was a network for people, mostly friends to keep track of each other. It was fun and easy and limited to 140 characters only. Enabling people who knew each other to keep in touch and keep stay updated with what their close pals were up to.

When you login to Twitter now you always have the question ' What's Happening?' that was not always the case. The question used to be 'What are you doing?'. Implying the need to keep your friends updated with what you're up to.

All this was before Twitter hit the world-stage and grew to be the micro-blogging service that it is today. Since it is an open network that means you do not need to be friends with a particular individual to follow that person. So when you Tweet and other people find it interesting they might want to follow you. By following you they will be able to keep track of interesting tweets from you. Twitter is built on an open platform meaning most of what is on the site is visible to everyone. There are people who have 'Protested Accounts' which mean only people they allow to follow will be able to read their tweets.

We cannot define Twitter and put it into any one corner. It is open to everyone and as long as you do not protect you account you tweets are visible to everyone. Those who find something good about your tweets might want to follow you. This is something that is flattering and you can look at these people as your fans and come up with interesting tweets for them. Hope this answers the questions and if you would like to continue the discussion please use the comment section below this post.

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  1. I joined twitter to follow certain famous people. That was s few years ago. I myself have not sent a tweet, and not really interested in doing so, so why would some people say they want to follow me!!??

  2. Maybe you have a nice sounding Twitter handle or your profile pic must look cool!!!. Some of the guesses I can offer. There is no a 'particular' reason though.