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How to setup Facebook App Passwords

Firstly you might be wondering why you might need another 'password' for apps.This option is for your security because if you have another separate password which can be used only for apps. That would mean you do not need to use your primary Facebook 'Password' to access apps. There is another reason why you might need an App password. There is the option to turn on 'Login Approvals' if this is turned on then some apps are unable to receive ' security codes' and if this is the case then you might be locked out of these apps and will not be able to access them on Facebook.

Creating a separate password which can be used only for apps is easy on Facebook and once this is done. You do not need to provide your primary Facebook password to these apps. Increases your security online and ensures that your account is safe from apps that might be able to compromise. Especially that users are making the most of Facebook Apps and signing-up and using a lot of Apps. Facebook Apps are growing a an unusually fast pace and there are some apps that Facebook say are using Adware. Meaning that some Apps are able to obscure Facebook ads and show ads of their own.

Using this option will help you log in securely to apps like Skype, Spotify, iPhone jabber and Xbox

How to setup a Facebook App Password
1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on the Down arrow next to home
3. Click on 'Account Settings'
4. Click on 'Security'
5. Click on 'edit' beside 'App Passwords'
6. Click on generate app passwords - link
7.  Type the name of the app you want to generate a password for ex: iPhone, Skype, jabber
8. Get your app password
9. Enter that into the app password section
10. You're done

You can add or remove passwords any time you wish to do so by following the same set of instructions above. Doing this will ensure that you always have access to the app and it is always working. Since login approvals will not always work the quick fix is to create separate passwords for each app. 

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