Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unroll.Me will help you unsubscribe from all unwanted eMail subscriptions with one click

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Unroll.Me will help you go through your email account and present to you all the email newsletters and other services you have been subscribed to. The funny thing is that most of us sign-up for many services and then forget about it. Sometimes this is quiet deep and has been like this because we use email addresses for years and years and forget about all the various websites, apps, newsletters and other trivial stuff we have signed up for. Then we are very surprised when every month in our inbox we find newsletters and offers from services and the reason found at the bottom of these emails is that 'you have received this because you have subscribed to'.

Unroll.Me will help you through all of this be going through your email Inbox and searching for all your subscriptions and present this to you. You can then then unsubscribe from all the services you want to with a single click. The web app is still in beta and will be available soon. You can signup for now by submitting your email ID to get an early invite.

If you do sing-up for the service be sure to let us know what you think about it and leave feedback in the comments section below.
Unroll.Me via Lifehacker

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