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iPhone: What is airplane mode

There is a lot of debate online on the question of switching off cellphones once your airplane is ready for take off and landing. Can devices actually interfere with navigation systems etc. It is in this context that we decided to cover Airplane mode on your iPhone and how it works. What actually happens when you switch on airplane mode and is it safe.

To start off it is safe to say that once airplane mode on your iPhone has been enabled all wireless features are disabled. All non wireless features however are still available, which means you can still listen to music, watch movies and compose documents. 

What features can you use when Airplane mode is switched on
1. You can listen to music
2. Watch Movies
3. Check your calendar
4. Take or view pictures
5. Use your alarm
6. Use your stopwatch
7. Use calendar
8. Take notes
9. Read text-messages or email stored on your phone

What features are unavailable when airplane mode if turned on
1. All wireless features of your phone are turned off
2. Cellular both voice and data are unavailable
3. Wi-Fi
4. Bluetooth
5. GPS
6. Location Service

How to  turn airplane mode on
Tap settings to turn on airplane mode. Once it is turned on an airplane icon will appear in your status bar. 

Usually above 10,000 you are allowed to turn-on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If the airline you are travelling on so allows it you can then turn on these two services when in airplane mode.

How to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone when in airplane mode.

To turn Wi-Fi on while airplane mode is on, tap Settings > Wi-Fi, turn Wi-Fi on and choose your Wi-Fi network.
To turn Bluetooth on while airplane mode is on, tap Settings > General > Bluetooth, and turn Bluetooth on.

This feature is very good when you are travelling by air but to avoid confusion it is best to check with the aircraft staff if you can keep you phone on as this feature is still not fully understood and may be a cause for confusion.

Sources: Apple Help and Apple Support

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