Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flipboard: How does it work

Flipboard is an App that has taken the web by storm again. The reason for this is that today the Flipboard App for iPhone has been released. Flipboard was till now an App for the iPad, things have changed and everyone is raving about the new app that has come to the iPhone bringing with it all your favorite features that have made this app so remarkably popular on the iPad.

Flipboard how does it work 
The App is your own personalized magazine which brings everything being shared with you and everything that matters to you. It has a really nice interface and you can flip through all your photos and watch videos, read articles or browse through photo albums.

Once you download the App you can then connect it to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. You can also connect it to your favorite publications to receive articles. Once you have all this working everything will be presented to you in the shape and form of an article with beautiful rendering. You can then just flip through your article pages and check out everything that matters to you. 

Flipboard also has it's own collection of interesting stuff from the web. You can also connect to this to view the latest happenings on the web. For example you can flip through Fliptech a collection of Tech articles from Flipboard. Everything gets collected and converted into magazine format which is then presented to you. 

So use the App to connect all your Social Networks, Feeds and other sources to start your magazine experience. Once you login all your content is presented in a visual list. The App is also designed to easily flip through content.

Download Flipboard now or visit them on the web here
Watch the video below to know more

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