Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Facebook Meme: Lms and Tbh

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Facebook have announced that some of the greatest memes of 2011 have their origin on Facebook. This is something that is quiet true because a lot of the top memes did find their growth attributed to Facebook. This was the places these memes first showed up. A good example of this would be 'Planking'. When people lie face-down arms extended by their sides and legs stretched out straight.

Facebook has with great pride announced two other memes that have been created for and exist only in Facebook and these two memes are
LMS Means- Like My Status
TBH Means - To be honest

How does LMS work: User on Facebook use LMS to ask their friends to like their status if they find something funny or interesting. A example would be 'Like my status if you think this is like super cool'. There are also 'Like my status' videos found on YouTube that plays on this meme. This meme basically asks uses friends to like their status and add comments to the post. 

How does TBH work: To Be Honest is often used by Facebook users when they want to give an honest opinion and is usually used either before or after a statement. A good example would be 'TBH I don't think this is funny'. So use tbh before or after a post to bring a level of sincerity to you comments on Facebook.

lms and tbh are now used in conjuncture and a good status updated would be 'lms for a tbh'

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