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Social Folders: How does it work

Social Folders is a social linking tool that lets you sync your social life and find everything on your computer.  What this means is that once you download Social Folders onto Your Windows PC or Mac, the web app will then download a copy of your photos, videos and documents and store them on your computer. So you will have a copy of all that you share online. Once you have everything on your PC you can then create folders and view all that you have shared online. You can also update your Facebook photos right from the app. which means no need to wait for your browser to upload photos. You can get the job done right from the app. You can also move folders between services like Facebook and Flickr and the photos will get uploaded with a simple drag and drop action. 

Social Folders a more detailed look:
To get started you would need to download the app to your PC or Mac. Once installed you can then connect all your social sites to the App. Once connected you can get a copy downloaded of all that you have shared. You can then move files between services like Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs, Photo Bucket, YouTube, Box and Picasa to name a few. You however cannot download videos from YouTube because a developer API is not available. So download and retrieve a copy of all the data you have shared on social sites. So if you are concerned with how to back-up all your social data. This will take care of it for you. 

Once you have all your files on your computer, you can then play around and move files between all of these services by dragging and dropping between folders. 

You can also gain access to your friends websites and therefore be able to get a copy of all that they share too. You will however need to invite friends to social folder before you can do this. You can also subscribe to your friends websites and get a copy of all that they are sharing on your computer. So you can enjoy looking at stuff even if you are not connected to the internet. 

Adding new files into your folder means that Social Folders will upload the same for you using the cloud. No need to wait around waiting for your browser to do the job for you. The web app allows you to even copy and paste folders between services. 
Social Folders

Check the video out below to know more. If you do try it please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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