Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SEO Vs Good Content: Who Wins?

This comes as good news for people who have just started their blogs or websites. Matt Curtis who heads the WebSpam team at Google has this to say. Just because a site has poor SEO and maybe not well done code does not mean that the site will get penalized by Google. On the other hand Google looks for good content and will try everything possible to find your content and display it to users. So don't worry about making coding mistakes and all. Just keep your content good and Google will do it's best to find it and return it to users. 

On the other hand if your site or blog is well coded with the latest web-scripting language but ahs poor content, that is a minus point. People on the web are searching for information and not well made websites and blogs. Content is king and this is now being stressed more and more by Google. 

Cutts also says even if you do brain-dead stupid things and shoot yourself in the foot it still does not matter as Google will work around it and bring your content to the forefront. This is good news especially if you are just starting out and are really worried about all these things SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guys often tell you. You might have a lot of people telling you to work out various SEO strategies and a whole lot of other stuff that is going to cost you money. Google hints at something else - concentrate on what you doing best, producing content and the search engine will find it and ensure users searching for relevant content are able to find your site or blog.
Check Matts' video out below to know more. Also please leave a comment with what you think about this whole SEO thing.

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  1. Google's recent update has implemented stricter rules with regards to content originality and keyword use.

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  2. Looks like he means that Google sees sites differently from humans. Users may value eye-catching graphics and a smooth interface, but Google puts more store on content. I agree with Matt, getting on the first page of SERP's is better when achieved organically.

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  3. I'd still lean to good content rather than forcing the issue. Thanks.