Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook IPO Price: $100b? OMG LOL!

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It is expected by investors that Facebook will be ready to file an Initial Public Offering sometime later this week. Facebook will seek to raise $10 billion and be valued at $100 billion. Making this IPO the hottest and biggest when it comes to companies whose main business is online web services. Once Facebook debuts as a public company it will be ranked alongside the largest companies in the world alongside McDonald's, Amazon and Bank of America. WSJ is reporting that Facebook is almost final in picking Morgan Stanley over Morgan Stanley as the lead underwriter. 

Once this goes through it will make over a 100 millionaires in Silicon valley and make Mark Zuckerberg richer by $20 billion at least on paper. Facebook is the most awaited TECH IPO since Google Inc. Both Google and Facebook depend on advertising for revenue and therefore the fight for online ad dollars is set to get on fire. Although Google's ad revenue last year was five times that of Facebook. Facebook's IPO is definitely set to be bigger that Google's and Amazon's IPO. This is going to be the largest IPO in internet IPO history. The Drudge Report runs the article with the title " Who wants to be a billionaire?  $100b? OMG LOL!

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