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How to see who has unfriended you on Facebook

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If you want to know who has unfriended you on Facebook there is a browser plug-in for that. Known as Unfreind finder this cleaver app goes through your friends list and shows you who has ditched you and gone on with their lives. Without the plug-in the only way to do this is to keep a close eye on all your pals and when your friend count goes down, figure out who is missing. This workaround or shortcut however makes things a little easier. Now not everyone wants to know who unfriends them on Facebook, if there you have found this page it must mean you want to know and keep a track on all those people who decide to leave you and walk away on Facebook. This cleaver app will also let you know if you have been removed or you friend has actually left Facebook and deactivated their account.

Unfriend Finder: How does it work

It is compatible with FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer

To use it on FireFox you will first need to install the greasemonkey script, help can be found here

To install it in Chrome all you need to do is to click on install and it is automatic.

Once installed, you'll see two new features appear in Facebook. There will be an "Unfriends" tab on the top-right of your screen and an "Unfriends" option in your "Favorites" list. When someone unfriends you, a red number notification will appear above the "Unfriends" tab. Unfriend info also appears in your notifications tab. 

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