Monday, January 9, 2012

Google launches Good to know - helps you stay safe online

Google has launched a new stand alone website and it's called 'Good to know'. This website has to do with stuff that you most definitely need to be aware of. It has 4 main sections 

1. Stay safe online: Has to do with information about malware and phishing sites and what it is and how they operate. What are the best practices to be used when logging on to the internet from a public computer, family safety and safe networks. Filled with little tips and tricks for you to use to be safe online. It also has a section for Mobile Computing.4
2. Your data on the web: First of there is a huge section called the Jargon Buster, this is something that will help you understand all the jargon that usually comes along with topics like this. So if you wondering what Cookies are or what on earth is an IP address or what do websites mean when they say accounts. This is a section you might want to read and understand.
3. Your Data on Google: has to do with how Google handles your data and what you must know. It is fairly simple section but the information gained is useful. Like if you want to know what happens when you provide your location on Google Maps. This is where you will find all the information you need when it comes to  knowing what Google does with your Data and how they keep it secure.
4. Manage your data: If you have a Google Dashboard account it will help you answer the question. what does Google know about me?, all this and various little things you ought to know to help you stay safe on the web and protect your data and information.

A fun little site from Google and it is really good to know.
Good to Know
 here is a video with 5 tips to safe safe on the web

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