Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Learn how to code for free and build websites and apps

Codeacademy is making sure that 2012 becomes the year where people learn to code for free. The app called 'Code Year' will help people with weakly lessons on coding by mailing them free weekly interactive lessons. The app will not only teach you but also help you stay on track and fulfill your goal to learn how to program. There are many benefits to something like this. especially if you would like to learn how to support yourself and even supplement your income. The next time you want to build an App or Website, you will not need to pay anybody but be able to do it yourself. Maybe even build the next big iPhone or Android App, maybe even the next big site to hit the internet. 

The web app promises that you will learn how to build apps and web sites before you even know it. So if your new year goal and resolution for the year 2012 is to learn how to code you can signup for the program and receive your free weekly lessons. Start experimenting with building apps and websites. Give it a whirl signup and see how it goes, all you need to do is to enter your email ID to start receiving lessons. There is nothing to lose anyway. Please leave your comments and suggestions below to continue this discussion.

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