Thursday, January 26, 2012

Twitter to withhold Tweets if requested by a country

Twitter has given itself flexibility to withhold and censor Tweets if requested by a particular country. The micro-blogging service made this announcement as they expand into many more countries. Twitter is becoming important and more and more governments are wanting to have a say in the micro-blogging service. There are also country specific rules that might apply to the service in various countries. Which means they will need to comply. Till now if a Tweet had to be removed it was done globally. Now Twitter will withhold the that Tweet within a geographical area and it will still be available elsewhere in the world. This is good as it would still be legal in other countries. This flexibility is a good thing and ensure that tweets don't disappear globally. Which also means for those who are Techie, a workaround is always possible. Good for Twitter for coming up with something so brilliant. There are also others who are criticizing this move by Twitter saying that it is loosing its will to ensure Free Speech on the service. What Twitter has done for sure seems a better alternative than fighting with governments around the world. At least the Tweet is still available but just not in some countries. 
Read more at the Twitter help section on this subject

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