Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zooshia: Create your own widget using your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter feeds

Zooshia is a web app that lets you create your won widget. If you are a website or blog owner you know that each social site has its own feed and if you want to share your Facebook feed from with your profile or Facebook page on you site. You will need to download the Facebook widget to get it to show and run on your site. The same thing would apply to Twitter and YouTube. With Zooshia you can add up to 10 different feeds from your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. The service does not support other social sites and you will need to be content with these three. So you can combine up to 10 different feeds from these services and display all of them in one widget.

The widget you create is not static and so if you have a large feed and a lot of conversation going on the widget keeps moving. The advantage of this is that people like widgets and a widget which keep updating attracts more eyeballs. The widget once created has a neat look and can be further formatted if you have a little coding knowledge. Once you are happy with the widget you can then embed it in your blog or site and you're good to go. 

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