Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to stop apps from posting to your Facebook Timeline

There are a whole lot of apps available and even websites these days have Facebook logins. Once you sign-in to an apps anywhere in the internet, you need to set to app permissions. One of the permissions the app usually requests for is the ability 'To post to Facebook as you'. If you allow this then the app can update your Facebook Timeline and News feed with your activity like what music you listened to and what videos you watched. Sometime the info posted by these apps can be potentially embarrassing. So if you have an app that is posting stuff to your Timeline and you would like to stop it, here is how to do it. To illustrate we will use the new Myspace app for Facebook. Whenever you listen to music on Myspace it shows up on your Facebook Timeline, this is because the app was given permission to do so. 

How to stop apps from posting to Facebook as me
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click the down-arrow beside the home button
3. Click on Privacy Settings
4. Beside Apps and Websites click on Edit Settings
5. Beside Apps you use click on Edit Settings

6. Click on edit beside the app you want to stop from posting to Facebook
7. Click the (x) besides posts to Facebook as me

8. You're done

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