Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to use Daily Deal sites to save money and find places to visit when on Vacation

Crazeal is Groupon in India

The credit to this very original idea goes to Reddit user heycheero and the idea goes like this. Once you have decided on your travel, chosen your destination and started booking your flight tickets. Go to your favorite daily deals sites like Groupon or  Living Social and each of these sites have a presence Globally. Change your city to the city you are going to visit and then start getting deals from that city. This way you get great restaurant deals, massage deals, travel deals with places to visit. This way you get to also save on time spent researching places to visit as daily deal sites usually send you excellent deals of places to visit. 

This is definitely not going to bring your bill drastically down but it will give you a fair idea on how much things cost in that city and where to eat and beast places to hang-out. If you are going to a country are you are unable to find your favorite daily deals site there. You can always use Google to get a list of local daily deal and coupon sites that operate there and sign-up. The idea is to make this work for you and save loads on attractions and outings. 
Daily Deals vacation idea via Lifehacker

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