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How to use Email to convert files into various formats

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So let's say you have an image a document, music, ebook, compressed, CAD format or video. You would like to convert it into another format. A good example would be that you want to convert a PNG file into a JPG file, if you did not have a converter on your system you would have to upload it to an online converter service and once it is ready you would need to download it. This is all a tedious and long process which would also take up a lot of bandwidth if you have a large file to convert. With ZamZar there is no software to be downlaoded. The team at ZamZar have come up with an easier solution, you can now convert your files by simply emailing them to the team and receive a quick reply with the link to the converted file. ZamZar has long been known as a online file converting solution and this new feature takes things to a whole new level.

How to convert files by email Using ZamZar
1. If you like a list of file formats supported, check this link out.
2. You need to send the file to a ZamZar email ID. It works like this if you want the file to be converted into a JPG format the email ID you would need to send the file to would be Likewise if you want it to be converted into PDF format, the email ID to send your file to would be
3. You will receive a email link ot your converted file.

It also works on SmartPhones and so if you get an email with a file attachment that won't open on your iPhone, Android phone or other SmartPhones. Email ZamZar with the file format you want to view and get it converted instantly. Good for people who are on the go and you can now use your mobile phone to send an email and convert a file.
Convert files via email with ZamZar

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