Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinterest: How to pin on an iPhone

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Pinterest is the hot new social network that lets you pin images an videos on a board for other people to view. If you haven't tried it as yet you are missing out on something. We have a guide to help you get started which you can find here. Ok, once you get started you can then surf the web and pin all those amazing images you find onto your boards and let other users find and share your pins. You can really become famous if you have a lot of users who repin your pins and follow your boards. There are images for everyone out there and since it's user generated this is a great place for communities with similar interests.

How to create a pin on your iPhone.
Pinterest does have an iPhone app but creating a pin on your iPhone once downloaded can prove a bit of a challenge. There is however help at hand if you do need a solution. The blog Simply The Nest has a solution it might not be the best but it's sure to work. The solution has to do with adding a little bit of code to one of your bookmarks and then getting it to work. It works quiet fine and for those of you who are used to pinning on the web, it works just the same. Download Pinterest for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad here
Help on creating a pin on your iPhone from Simply The Nest

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