Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get a SpareOne mobile phone its charge lasts for 15 years

Finally a cellphone that promises outstanding performance with a single AA battery. This mobile phone has not been designed for you to use as your main phone. This is your secondary phone the one you keep in your car and forget all about. The makers of the phone promise battery life of 15 years and full talk-time of 10 hours. So you might be wondering why would someone need a phone like this. Well, this is the phone you  might need in an emergency, you go out camping things go wrong, you phone is missing. Then you remember that you have that spare mobile phone in your car, the one you almost forgot about. This is the one you can use to get to emergency services quick. There is nothing fancy to look at, at this phone. It is a straightforward design and its main purpose is longevity and the ability to save you in a tough situation.

Now if you're wondering whether you need a GSM phone with an active plan or a SIM card that needs to be kept active. That is not the case as with other GSM phones even an expired or inactive SIM can still be used to dial emergency numbers. The phone will be shipped in The phone will go on sale on March 15, and priced at £60 in the UK and $70 in the U.S. The phone as previously mentioned comes with no fancy extras like a camera or touchscreens. It has been designed to simply function as a phone and will come in handy during a family safety, natural disaster, daily emergency or travel. It can be kept in the glove-box of your car or in a bag of luggage and can be pre-programmed to call emergency numbers of that particular area. 
SpareOne Mobile

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