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Instagram for Android release sign-up has begun be the first to get it

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Apple did name Instagram the 'App of the year, the app also has a user base of at least 27 million users thanks to the release of the iPhone 4S. iOS users have had the app from 2012 but Android users have so far been denied. This is all set to change and Instagram's Android App is all set to be released. it was first announced at the SXSW and well they have now have a page open for users to enter their email IDs and be the first in line to get the Android App. The reason for this might be that Instagram might want to roll the app out in a phased manner and sort out any bugs that might turn up. Reason enough to get Android uses excited to be able to use the App on their favorite SmartPhone.

The App lets you take a photo on your phone use its incredibly cool photo filters and then share it on INstagram. You can also connect with your Twitter or Facebook account and comment on and share photos with all your Pals. If you go get a lot of Instagram love by way of favorites, comments and shares then you become popular on Instagram. The more followers you have the more you rise in popularity.

Although Instagram have opened the sign-up page there is still no news on the actual release date of the Andriod app. When you visit the page and sign-up, you get a message 'Thanks for signing up! We'll be in touch soon.' With this step however the availablity of the App must not be far away and if you would like to sign-up and be one of the first to get the App. Click on the link below to go to the sign-up page for Instagram's Android App. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.
Instagram for Android

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