Friday, March 23, 2012

What you need to do if an employer asks for your Facebook Password

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There is a lot of disturbing news these days of employers and potential employers asked people to share the Facebook passwords. This according to Facebook is a violation of their privacy policies. It could also become discrimination wherever possible if someone does not get hired. This is because some people are a part of protected groups and the potential employer could open themselves to claims of discrimination if they do not hire that person. Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer, Policy also says that by asking for your password employers are violating your privacy rights and the privacy right of your friends.

Taking this one step further is Senator Richard Blumenthal who has promised to put a stop to privacy-invading employers who demand your password. Job Applicants' need to note that if your potential employer asks for your password, which is something personal and a violation of Facebook TOS. There is a whole set of legal terms that Facebook has laid out which can be found here. So the next time an employer asks you for your personal Facebook password - you might want to point them to this privacy information shared by Facebook. Facebook has promised legal action against companies asking employees and potential employees to share their Facebook passwords. So you have every right to protect and keep your password. So if you are ever asked for your Facebook password you can tell your employer or future employer that it is against Facebook's Terms Of Service and can invite a potential lawsuit by insisting. 
Read the official release by Facebook here

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