Friday, March 23, 2012

How to find curated tweets and follow those big Twitter Monents #OnlyOnTwitter

Another Twitter Moment that is being curated

Twitter has those incredibly big moments, when one single Tweet started a whole movement, when one Tweet broke news of a big events first on Twitter, when bloggers who got arrested quickly spread the word with a single Tweet. This is know as the power of 140. There are literally hundreds of events that take place on Twitter that are memorable and in fact there are so many that it's difficult to simply keep up. With Twitter moments you can always go back and find all the excitement curated and kept safe for you to live through again. Like the Arsenal Twitter Takeover - When the UK football club Arsenal F.C invited some of its players to take over their main Twitter account for a live Q@A with fans. You can still find all the associated Twitter by following the hashtag #ArsenalLive. The other way would be to follow the curated topic and and view all the Tweets with pics and videos that were posted found here. You can also go back and find all the important Tweets associated with the 2012 Academy Awards found here

Twitter is endless and vast and this new initiative by Twitter Moments will help curate and keep safe all the important Tweets associated with people who brought news and innovation to Twitter. Like when Eminem interview Yelawolf live on Twitter. This happened after Yelawolf  released the album Radioactive on Shady Records, incorporating the hashtag #radioactive. There are numerous instances of innovation on Twitter by artists, politicians, musicians and celebrities. You can now find all the curated Tweets with Twitter Moments. You can use the hashtag #OnlyOnTwitter to talk about it with other users.
Twitter Moments

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