Friday, March 30, 2012

YouTube has a turn the lights back on button for better cinema viewing

A video with the lights off - switch in front of video title.

YouTube has a new button which enhances your cinema viewing experience. This button looks like a good old switch - the physical one people used to have in the homes, once one you push up to turn out the lights and push down to turn them back home. This enhances your YouTube viewing experience in many ways. For one thing when you are watching a videos on YouTube, which the video is playing, your entire computer screen still has light once you turn the lights off only your video has light while the rest of the screen goes dark. With the turn the lights off button you can now cut the light of the rest of the screen and it becomes like a dark curtain and you can then continue enjoying your video. 

How to tun the lights off when watching a YouTube video

Once you start playing a video and you notice that it has a switch icon before the title on the left-hand side. You can toggle between turning lights on and off.

This is especially if you are watching a soap, movie, music or a documentary on YouTube. The video site has become the primary destination on the web. If you're wondering how many videos are watched everyday on YouTube, the answer is 4 billion. If you're wondering how many unique visitors a month, that would be 800 million. The numbers are staggering and with the new Lights off button YouTube seeks to enhance users viewing experience and make it more like cinema. 

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