Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google Maps: Find Out Your Trip Duration Based On Current Traffic updates

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Google Maps on your Android phone just got better. Google has now factored in live data to help yo better plan your trip. So if your planing to go to the airport and need to know which mode of transport to you. Check Google maps for a more detailed live traffic analysis to decide how to travel. Google maps will help you estimate the length of time of your journey and wherever information the new live traffic feature will analyze current traffic conditions and estimate the length of time of your journey. So once you know how long your drive is going to take you can then decide which mode of transport to use. A good example would be that based on estimated travel time you can decide whether to take the train or the taxi to the airport. 

With up-to-data traffic reporting which keeps on getting refreshed you can also plot several courses to reach your destination. As you are driving you can also be alerted about traffic jams up ahead and quickly change your route to arrive on time. Current traffic data is available only in a few places and more destinations will be added soon. For now it is only in large metropolitan areas in the US. So the next time you want to compare driving time vs transit time Google maps can help you decide. Which will it be public transit or you driving. 
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