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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Maps: How to measure distance

Google Maps is fantastic and with its new release for iOS means that Apple users get to enjoy Google Maps on the iPhone and iPads. Google maps also has a fantastic feature called 'Distance Measurement Tool'. With this feature you can calculate the distance between any two points on the map. Helps put a perspective on things especially before you travel. You can view this distance either in metric (KM) or English (MI). This easy to use tool needs to be enabled before you can use it and this post will help you do just that.

How to enable Google Maps distance measurement tool
1. Open
2. Click on Maps Labs -- found at the bottom left hand panel
Google Maps enable distance measurement tool3. Beside 'Distance Measurement tool' click on 'Enable'.
enable Google maps distance calculation tool4. Now click on 'Save Changes'.
5. Now click on the ruler icon found on the bottom of your map.
Google Maps Ruler Icon6. Click on any two points of the map. A red tracer line should appear.
Google Maps final distance calculated7. On the left you will find the distance between two points. Choose metric for kilometers and English for miles. 

So give this tool a whirl and let us know what you think about it and other uses you find for it, in the comments section below.
Tip: Click on multiple locations to see distance between these places at the same time.

Video below for the visuals

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Google World Wonders: For full 360° views of modern and ancient heritage sites

Street View on Google Maps is a popular way for you to explore places at street level views. All this being accomplished by Google's street view cars that have cameras mounted on them. Google cameras got close enough to these heritage sites of both the ancient and modern world and have created beautiful 360° views at street level. With Google World Wonders you can now go globetrotting sitting on your armchair and visit the ancient wonders of the world. All in stunning clarity, 360° views, 3D and accompanied YouTube videos to help make your journey and discovery as clear and as real as possible. 

It also has a lot of benefits for teachers who can use this service and its lesson plans to help teach children. Now when students need to research wonders of the ancient and modern world, Google World Wonders can definitely offer a realistic picture of these wonders. Currently there are 132 historic sites from 18 countries, including Stonehenge, the archaeological areas of Pompeii and the ancient Kyoto temples. Man-made sites include natural places: wander the sandy dunes of Australia’s Shark Bay or gaze up at the rock domes of Yosemite National Park in California. Google Wonder also has a YouTube channel to help you explore more. 

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google Maps: Find Out Your Trip Duration Based On Current Traffic updates

Image Credit: Google Maps

Google Maps on your Android phone just got better. Google has now factored in live data to help yo better plan your trip. So if your planing to go to the airport and need to know which mode of transport to you. Check Google maps for a more detailed live traffic analysis to decide how to travel. Google maps will help you estimate the length of time of your journey and wherever information the new live traffic feature will analyze current traffic conditions and estimate the length of time of your journey. So once you know how long your drive is going to take you can then decide which mode of transport to use. A good example would be that based on estimated travel time you can decide whether to take the train or the taxi to the airport. 

With up-to-data traffic reporting which keeps on getting refreshed you can also plot several courses to reach your destination. As you are driving you can also be alerted about traffic jams up ahead and quickly change your route to arrive on time. Current traffic data is available only in a few places and more destinations will be added soon. For now it is only in large metropolitan areas in the US. So the next time you want to compare driving time vs transit time Google maps can help you decide. Which will it be public transit or you driving. 
Google Maps for Andriod
Source: Google Lat Long Blog

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google Street View goes indoors in the US, Australia and Japan

Sarastro, London

Interested small business owners on the US, Australia and Japan can now invite Google Street View into their establishments and get great pictures taken. These images are then uploaded and used on Google Maps and Street View on maps. This will work really well especially for restaurant owners. Who will be able to get high-quality pictures of their establishments onto Google maps and people looking for a place to go to can then find them more easily. It is also being called Google's Business Street View. Currently Google is only inviting restaurants, hotels, shops, gyms and vehicle repair workshops and Big Brands are being excluded for the time being.

Google does however ask small business owners to put up signs telling their customers that the Google Street View team will be arriving to take 360-degree imagery. This is to ensure no one is surprised. There is also another reason, Google says that there will be no additions and what you see is what you get. Therefore the place needs to be as it is with no extra additions or subtractions.

To view photos collected from businesses you will need to visit Google Places

How do I invite Google Street View to photograph my business

Source: Google Blog

Check the video from Newsy below to learn more.

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