Monday, April 2, 2012

Apple forced to give all EU customers a two year product warranty

Apple has been forced by a court in Italy to give all its products a two year warranty as required by EU law. The company has also been been handed a fine of 900,000 euros for misleading customers. According to EU warranty laws  - companies are required to give a free minimum warranty of at least 2 years on their products. Apple was giving only a one year warranty and were asking customers to sign-up for for their Apple Care Protection Plan which increased the warranty from one to two years. 

These changes have been implemented by Apple and can be found on their website. This applies only to EU customers and the rest are still stuck with a one year warranty. This is what Apple have to say about it on their website. "When you purchase Apple products, European Union consumer law provides statutory warranty rights in addition to the coverage you receive from the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty and the optional AppleCare Protection Plan. Non-Apple-branded products purchased from Apple are also eligible for coverage under EU consumer law".

The move has drawn a lot of criticism from people who still have a lot of confusion. Basically if you are a EU citizen you automatically had this law protecting you. All products bought by EU citizens have a law covering the product for two years and you can get it repaired or replaced if something goes wrong. Apple which previously only had a one-year warranty has now flipped the switch and giving all EU customers a two year product warranty.
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