Monday, April 2, 2012

Is it true that before the invention of color TV, people dreamed in black and white?

That's the latest in B&W

Reddit user weirdalfan16 updated this little bit of information on the TIL (Today I Learned) section. The post had this information to share, that if you were from the past generation of people who grew up watching black and white TV then you dream in Monochrome. Before the invention of color TV 75% of people dreamed in black and white. In fact it says that 12% of people still dream in black and white. Color television changed everything and also changed the way people dream. Black and white dreams where changed to color.

The post has drawn a lot of humorous comments like one user saying that maybe they had silent dream from watching silent B&W movies. There are also other users saying that they dream only in black and white and never knew that people had dreams in color. Which leads to the next assumption now that we have HDTVs  and 3D TVs will we now be able to dream in 3D. There are other users who say that everyone dream in B&W but during recollection it comes back in color and that there are only a small percentage of people who are actually able to dream in color.

There have been many studies conducted and the NY Times and the Telegraph have articles about it, speaking about people who grew up watching color television and dreaming in black & white. So what do you think about this and do you dream in b&w or do you have color dreams or maybe dreams in 3D and HD.
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