Friday, April 20, 2012

Facebook Messenger for Windows: How it works

Facebook have released their official desktop messenger client. With this new messaging system there is absolutely no need to be logged into Facebook to see our real-time ticker updates and chat with your friends. This helps in that you can login to Facebook Messenger and not the main site, so you can get on with your work and only reply to people when they ping you. When you install the messenger the desktop app you can continue browsing other sites and still keep up with all your friends activities on Facebook.

How to download Facebook Messenger and get started.
For starters most of you might have seen the link right inside your chat-box on Facebook. If you have missed it you can go here to download and  install it. Once you download simply click on 'yes' wherever prompted and it should be a quick and easy process. 

How to launch the app after downloading
The app sits in your system tray after being installed and clicking on it will launch the app. You can also click on your start button and type Facebook messenger to find the app. Click on it to start. Once logged-in you do not need to logout and so whenever you are online the app will keep you updated. 

What operating systems would you need to be able to use it
The messenger currently works only on Windows 7. A new version of the app will soon be available for Windows Vista but Windows XP users will have to wait. 

Is there a version for MAC
In the works and MAC users will have to wait a little longer.

How to dock the app (make it stationary on your screen's right-hand corner)
To dock or undock the app, you would need to click on the small sliding windows icon on the bottom left hand corner of the app. The app by default is undocked to give you the freedom to move it around the screen.

So give it a try to keep up with all that's happening with your friends on FB. Clicking on a notification however takes you to a separate page to view the same on Facebook. This seems to be one downside of the apps. You can however install it and give it a whirl for one thing though if you are keep to keep checking your notifications and always want to be available to chat when online then this app serves its purpose. 

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