Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to get a Faster Facebook on your Android phone

If you have download the Facebook app for your Android device one thing that needs to be fixed is speed. It might take forever to open and leave you staring at a screen as it struggles to load photos, news feed and Timeline. Fast Facebook which is still in beta seeks to do away with all the slowness and promises a much faster Facebook experience. The App has gotten good reviews on the web and has got a rating with an 3.9 average. Comments also praise this Android App

Fast Facebook is an Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) inspired app and therefore has an amazing look and feel and the ability to have themes. You can theme your Facebook experience or upload and use your own background images.  The design is based on Android 4.0 and is designed to be streamlined and run much faster that the original Facebook app for Android, which can be downloaded here

Fast Facebook has the following features that bring out it's highlights
- Customizable
- It's fast with photos and profiles loading in real-time
- It has some nice Animations to go with it
- Ice Cream Sandwich inspired look
- Choose the resolution of photos

What it does not have right now are push notifications and event invites. This Facebook client for Android should get there as it is still in beta and still has some work to be done on it. Overall, it is much faster that the official app from Facebook and give this a go if you want a faster Facebook on your Android phone. If you do please leave a comment with what you think about it and did it give you a much faster Facebook.
Download Fast Facebook from the Google Play store now and yes it's Free

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