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Google Reader: How to unsubscribe

You know how your Google Reader can fill up with a large number of feed subscriptions that you keep on adding. Sometimes the number of RSS feeds you subscribe to can become overwhelming and many times some of the websites or blogs that you have subscribed to, no more appeal to you. If you are new to Google Reader - well, it is an RSS feed reader which you can use to subscribe to a websites content or use to follow your favorite blogs online. Once you subscribe to a feed it populates itself in Google Reader, and all content is now available to you all in one place. You can then begin your daily reading without having to actually visit each of those sites or blogs online. Which can be quiet tedious, Google Reader is handy and saves a lot on time. All websites and logs have a 'Subscribe' button clicking on this will allow you to add that blogs or websites feed to your reader.

If you have added a number of feeds and want to delete those feeds that have become irrelevant or maybe the owners of the blog or website have stopped updating. You can do the following. There are two ways to easily accomplish this.

1. Login to Google Reader
2. Find the feed you want to unsubscribe from and hover over the feed. move to the end and an down-arrow should pop-up.
3. Click it and then from the menu click on 'Unsubscribe'
4. When asked if you are sure you want to unsubscribe click on 'yes'
5. You're done

The other way to unsubscribe is to
1. Click on the feed and enter read mode
2. From the 'Feed Settings' tab found on the top click the down arrow
3. From the menu click on 'Unsubscribe'
4. You're done

So once you decide to unsubscribe from a feed it is a simple and easy to unsubscribe and stop following. 
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