Thursday, May 17, 2012

Facebook IPO price: $38 per share

Image Credit: The Nation. Flag flying outside J.P Morgan announcing the IPO.

After all the speculation and hype created and generated over the Facebook IPO price. Facebook has set the price to $38 per share. This deal is expected to raise $16 billion in proceeds and value the company at over $100 Billion. The company will begin trading on Friday (May 18) morning on the NASDAQ under the symbol 'FB'. Facebook will offer 180,000,000 class A shares of common stock and stockholders are offering 241,233,615 of class A common stock. Closing of the offering is expected to close on May 22, 2012. 

How do i buy Facebook shares
You will have to wait till Friday when NASDAQ opens and even then it might take an hour before the shares start trading and you are able to buy Facebook stock. The markets will open at 9:30 ET on Friday. 

How much is Facebook worth
On the day of its IPO Facebook's market capitalization is expected to hover around $81 million.

Who's selling Facebook shares on the day of its IPO
Mark Zukerberg CEO and Founder of the company will be selling 30.2 million shares. Accel Partners a VC firm, which is the largest stakeholders outside of Mark Zukerberg will be selling 49 million shares. Which is about a quarter of its FB holdings. 

Facebook's classifications of its members
Facebook has said that the site has 512 active members and through which there is a combined number of 3,2 billion likes and comments per day. There are also 125 billion friend connections. All this for the first quarter of 2012. 
Source: CNN Money and CNBC

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