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Twitter: Who to follow

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Twitter has another interesting innovation that they have launched. It is called 'Who to follow', this feature will have a specific page and can be used by new users who signup for the service as well as for seasoned users. Twitter's 'Who to follow' will be based on a couple of algorithms like geographic location of the user. Websites the user or his friends visit in the Twitter ecosystem.  as well as websites on the internet that have Twitter buttons or widgets. Information from these buttons can be used to determine which buttons and widgets are getting tweeted and followed a lot. These accounts that have been gaining a large number of followers in the last 10 days can be used as a suggested person or account to follow. 

Another smart move by Twitter is the offering of 'Do not track'. With do not track turned off - you can be assured that Twitter will not be following your activity and everything gets turned off. This is one of the privacy options to be kept in mind if you do not want Twitter keeping a track of all your actions in the Twitter ecosystem 

Please find below a basic Q&A to help you along

Thanks for the offer but I do not want Twitter to tailor Twitter to my interests.
You can go here to turn the feature off. 

What kind of information does tailor Twitter to my interests store.
Tailor Twitter to my interests stores information about websites that you visit on the web. Not all sites but sites that have either a Twitter button or a Twitter Widget

Is there any other way to turn on Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits
You can login to Twitter and then access your account settings page or simple click here. Once logged in you can then check or uncheck the box beside personalization which says 'Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits'. and you're done.

Is there a preview page to find suggestions made for me
You can view the preview page here and check out all the suggestions made out for you by Twitter. 

How will the suggested user list appear on Twitter.
if you decide to use the feature then you will see a list of suggested users on the left-hand column and a Timeline of tweets from those users. Please refer image in this post for a snapshot of the new suggested users to follow Timeline. 

These options are available to help you look after your privacy settings on Twitter. This is something that you might want to look into and choose privacy options that best suit you. 
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