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How to change your username on Twitter

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Changing your username name on Twitter is an easy task. There are a few things to remember however before you change your username. User names are very very important especially if you have managed to gain a fairly large number of followers. You username is associated with you and your account on Twitter. So before changing you username it is advisable to let your followers know about this change. On Twitter you would need to remember that there is difference between your real name and your user name. 

Difference between your real name and username
1. when someone searches for you and finds your Twitter profile. Your real name is displayed beside which your username is displayed.
2. Your username is what people use to send your 'Direct Messages' (DMs) and @replies. Your real name is what people use to identify you with. 
3. Your real name is your personal identifier while your username is your location on Twitter. 
4. You can change your name at any time, it will simple reflect in your account. If you change your username on Twitter, you 

This means if people send you a DM or an @reply to your old username, it will not reach you. You new username needs to be picked-up by Google once again. Anyone speaking about you on Facebook or other social sites will not automatically land on your new profile but will go to the old username. This means you need to work on everything once again. So tweets sent to Facebook and Linkedin from your old username will not redirect to your new username. 

How to change your username on Twitter.
1. Login to Twitter
2. Click on the drop-down beside the human image icon
3. Click on settings
4. You can now change your username. If you are already logged-in to Twitter click here to go to your settings page. 

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