Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook App Center launched with a fresh URL

The Facebook App Center has been launched with a fresh URL and a clan interface. Found in the App Center are all kinds of Apps built for Facebook, iOS, Android and the web. You can use the apps available now no matter what your platform of choice is. The Facebook app center has apps for games, music, news photo and Video, lifestyle, sports, travel and utilities. 

Facebook App Center: How does it work
1. You need a Facebook ID to be able to view and use the App Center
2. Once you're in you see categories on the left and recommended apps on the main page
3. Below App Center on your left you can choose between all, web and mobile.
4. You have recommended apps and apps that your friends are using. 
5. You also have top rated - most stars given by users, trending - most talked about and viewed, Top grossing - most in-app purchases. 

The App center has been long awaited and is now ready for use. Login today and start exploring there are tons of free apps and all your free Facebook apps are now in one place. Without the App Center apps were scattered all across the place and you had to search for the app you wanted. This makes things easier and all your favorite apps are now in one place. 
Facebook App Center

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