Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stevie will convert your Facebook and Twitter feed into a TV show - relax, sit back and enjoy!!!

Stevie TV is an Israeli startup with an amazing idea. You login with your Facebook ID and then begin to watch your profile coming to life like a TV program. It makes things much more interesting. While running YouTube videos shared by your friends, status updates also appear along with photos and birthdays being shared. of course you are the star of this TV program - hopefully. If you are one of those users who are very active on Facebook, sharing a lot of photos and videos - interacting a lot with your FB pals. This TV show is going to be interesting. This takes the boredom out of scrolling all the way down to find out latest updates from friends and family - with Stevie it all flows together as a TV program. Talk about Social TV, this gives a whole new meaning to the term. You can watch your program either on your PC screen or hook it up to a TV screen and watch the movie.

Stevie: How does it work and how to get started.
You would need to access mystevie on the web or on your mobile device ot get started. At present you can signin with your Facebook ID, allow the App permissions. This will give you a better broadcast experience. if you do not allow the app permissions to your news feed and other info, a TV show will not be able to be created. Once you allow the app permissions. You can sit back and watch your profile come to life in a very TV show kind of way. You can invite your friends and share your shows. taking social media to the next level. 

How do I connect my Twitter account?
Once you launch Stevie and your TV broadcast show has started there is a COG icon on the top right-hand corner, click on it and you can then connect your Twitter account. Gets more interesting with your Twitter account connected. 

How to start my TV show?
On Stevie click on 'Start Your Stevie' to get started.

Does Stevie have any keyboard shortcut keys?
Yes, you can remote control the show and please find below a list of keyboard keys that you can use. 

Fed up with your own profile you can click on the colored stack icon to watch other shows. You can also save your shows as 'The Comedy Strip' etc. You can actually use your videos to create shows and build your social TV audience. The App has a lot of promise and lets see where it goes. If you do give it a twirl, please leave a comment and let us know what you think about the service.
Stevie also get the iOS app here and Andriod App here

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