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How to add Google Authorship to your blog post by switching your blogger profile with your Google+ profile [Shortcut]

You know how these days you see search results on Google with a photo of the author besdie the post. This is good because it increases your CTRs (Click Through Rate). Poeple might tend to click on a post with a photo of the author as it brings with it a feeling of trust and being authentic. This is also know a canonical and gives the author the ability to claim original posts they have written. There are many ways to do this but this post will deal with a shortcut. The shortcut has to do with simple changing your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile and letting Google do the rest for you. You can do this on any blog you write and if you have a Google+ profile this can be done with one quick step. If you are wanting to just test and try it out you can always switch back to your Blogger profile at any time within 30 days of making the switch

What happens when you switch to your Google+ profile
You blogger profile is changed and your display name is now your authentic Google+ profile name and info. When someone clicks on your name on your Blog it will direct to your Google+ profile. People can then read and learn more about your on your G+ profile. Comments you might have made before the switch will still display you Blogger profile info.

How to switch my blogs to my Google+ profile
1. Click on this link read through all the info and decide if you want to change to your Google+ profile. 

How long does it take
It only takes a few days before your photo starts appearing besdie your blog posts on the internet. Specifically on Google search results. There is nothing else to be done and no code to be added. Just change your profile and Goole will automatically take care of everything else for you. 

How  to switch back to your Blogger profile
Please follow this link to switch back.  This needs to be done within 30 days from the time you started the process. 
Read More: Google support

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