Monday, June 18, 2012

How to create an interactive Facebook video with ClickBerry

Facebook may not be the default video sharing site as that would be YouTube. Videos on Facebook however have a lot of potential, if it gets a lot of views and goes viral it could also appear on trending videos on Facebook suggestions. Apart from that if you are a marketer or just another person who likes to create creative videos this bit of software might be what you need. With Clickberry you will be able to add a whole lot of interactive features to your video. Like adding your friends photos and a whole lot of other annotations - like comments, links, likes and photos. If you do have videos on YouTube you must be familiar with Annotations like adding a link in your video or adding a comment. All goes to adding more interest in your video. With this free software you can also sell stuff on your video. So for marketers who create videos to sell Amazon products this could be a useful tool. 

ClickBerry for Facebook video: How does it work
1. You would need to download the software for your Windows or MAC computer
2. You can use videos already available on your PC
3. You can now annotate your video as it begins to play. Add hyperlinks, pop-ups, video links, sidebar and FB likes
4. You can use Hotspots and motion tagging. Outline an object within your video and follow it around making it interactive.
5. You can also use the Widgets available - grab a widget attach it to a hotspot and you're done. Add shopping carts etc.
6. use Dynamic playback control - this lets users follow links and you can have like a yes or no clause. This will allow users to continue with your video in different directions. This is a concept that has made quiet a few YouTube videos popular. You can control the video and point it in the direction you want it to go as a user.
ClickBerry Video maker for Facebook 

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