Thursday, June 14, 2012

What happens when you add someone to a circle on Google+

With the rising popularity of Google+, chances are that if you have joined the services people have started adding you to their circles and you have been doing the same. Circles on Google+ are groups of people you might add together based on common interests. So you can club all the best pals in one circle and let's say you follow a lot of popular bloggers on Google+, you can group all of them together in one circle. So you have a couple of circles that have people you have grouped together in a circle. So what actually happens when you a add someone to a Google+ circle or you might be wondering what happens when you have been added to someone else's circle.

This is what happens when you add someone to a circle on Google+
1. You can see their public updates on your home page.
2. They can also see your public updates when they login to Google+
3. Both of you appear on each other's public profiles
4. You can chat with each other
5. When you login people who you have added to your circles can see your public updates and you theirs.
6. You can comment or +1 their posts. This way you can see replies and continue the conversation
7. You can reshare their posts.

If someone adds you to a circle and you do not add them back, they will be able to see your public posts but you will not be able to see theirs because you have not added them to a circle. You can however search and find their profiles and public updates. So to follow you need to extend the courtesy and add them back to one of your circles. Unless you're a famous person who has been added by too many people.

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