Friday, June 15, 2012

What happens when I follow someone on Twitter

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you follow someone on Twitter. How are you benefited and could you also do without it. Since everything on Twitter is public and therefore accessible whenever you want. What are the benefits of following someone on Twitter and does it come with any privileges and advantages?. Apart from inflating the ego of the person you have followed. Trending topics on Twitter are sometimes much more fun than following a bunch of people.

Purpose of following someone on Twitter
1. You want to get all their public Tweets as soon as it happens.
2. You can keep a track of all that person has to say on Twitter.
3. You're a fan and like to know more about what that person has to say.
4. You cannot DM (Direct Message) them unless they follow you back
5. You can Retweet their tweets however.
If you're wondering how to send a tweet to a celebrity we have another post for that which can be found here

What happens when you follow someone on Twitter
1. You get all their Tweets in your Twitter feed
2. You can keep a track of them and Retweet their tweets
3. You cannnot send then a DM but they will be able to send you a Direct Message.

So if you are really not a fan but want to check out a person's updates once in a while you don't need to follow them. Just check their profiles once in a while. Please leave a comment below to continue this discussion. 

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